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Essential Features To Consider While Purchasing A Condo

While buying a condo in the area of Charan (คอน โด แถว  รั , which is the term in Thai), it is of prime importance to verify that all the facilities in the house are functioning properly. You should perform your checking properly so that there is no error for which you might have to repent in the future. Here, we have mentioned several essential things to consider while buying a condo.

1. Electrical Fixtures

The first thing that you have to watch out for is the condition of the electrical fixtures of the house you are going to buy. Along with this, make sure to test out the condition of the HVAC units present in the condo. The thing isn’t complicated and you ought to try and operate the oven as well plus the heater to know that these are working properly.

2. Plumbing

Since you are going to reside there, it is important to make sure that the plumbing system of the condo in the area of Charan is in top working condition. This can be done by checking the taps while moving from one room to another and making certain that the drainage and pressure are ok as well. In case you find that the pressure of the condo plumbing is sluggish and not up to the mark, then you should either try to repair the plumbing issues or look for another condo.

Also, make it a point to switch on the lights in every room and carry a light bulb along with you which will help you to test the condition of the lighting fixtures as well. You simply need to pug the bulb in the sockets available to you in the house and that’s all!

3. Ceilings And Walls

It is a fact that the ceilings and the walls happen to be amongst the most essential things that you must also verify while purchasing the condo. Make certain to check any problems resulting from the presence of patches and leaks on the walls of the house. If so, then get them fixed as soon as possible since unless you do so it might result in lots of issues in the upcoming days. The condo might also be damaged in the long run which will be the last thing that you want. Besides this, also take care to perform a tilt test on the flooring of the condo in the area of Charan to make certain that the leveling of the flooring has been done properly.

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