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How to Increase Average Time on Page

Create Good Content

The first step is to ensure that your information is of good quality and easily readable. First, in the first few phrases of your content, inform readers exactly what they’re going to get. To keep their attention, get right to the point. You may go into further depth afterwards.

Make your information more skimmable by include pertinent headlines, videos, infographics, and images. Many visitors may rapidly scan a whole page to see whether they’re interested before returning to read more thoroughly.

Use Exit-Intent Popups

Exit-intent popups are another excellent approach to keep visitors on your website for a longer period of time. At the best Digital marketing course in Andheri all these practical knowledge is imparted so that our students can have opportunity to practice and learn in a real-world setting.

Based on how soon people leave the website, you may make content or product recommendations. Someone who rushes out may not have discovered what they were seeking for. As a result, you may guide them to more useful stuff.

Optimize Page Navigation

You may extend the duration of your page session by including internal connections to other pages on your site throughout your content. Just make sure these links aren’t too near to the top of the post if you want to maintain them for minimising your average time on page. Readers will be less likely to become side-tracked and abandon the page.

Embed Videos

Because they take time to watch, videos are an excellent approach to increase engagement and average time on page. You should ideally upload your own video material, but you may also embed films created by others as long as they are relevant to your website. At the best Digital marketing institute in Thane you will be able to expertly master the various digital marketing techniques, reaching a wider audience, creating a better connection with customers, and increasing sales.

Run a Comment Contest

Contests are exciting and entertaining. By encouraging readers to make a blog remark, comment competitions can increase your average time on page. They must read the content in order to make a comment and join the contest.

Add a Quiz

Quizzes are an additional interactive feature that may be used to increase interest and potentially generate leads. Because of the Zeigarnik effect, most people will want to complete a quiz once they begin.

Use Gated Content

The practise of putting a portion of a post or page behind an optin form is known as gated content. Users must provide their email address to access the remainder of the information.

It may be counterintuitive to reveal less material if you want visitors to spend more time on your website, but gated content may generate interest and a sense of exclusivity. Of course, visitors must wait a few seconds for the material to be unlocked. At the best Digital marketing course in Navi Mumbai you will have the opportunity to practice what you learn in a real-world setting, with access to expert instructors and valuable resources.

Add a Chatbot or Live Chat Popup

Chatbots and live chat are excellent strategies to keep people on your page since you are assisting them in making an informed decision.

Chatbots or live chat services may be used to swiftly answer presale and support queries, propose products or services, and address any difficulties.

Decrease Load Time

Slow loading time is one of the leading causes of page bounces and exits. If your page does not load in a few seconds, many people will leave. As a result, it stands to reason that lowering load time will lower your bounce rate and increase your average time on page.

Optimize for Mobile

Finally, ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Because mobile devices now account for the bulk of browser sessions, if your website is difficult to use on mobile, you’re losing a lot of engagement. You can get started with our comprehensive guide to mobile SEO.

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