Say Goodbye To Hectic Moving And Shifting

Suppose you are someone who hates packing and moving their stuff every time they have to relocate or have to find new accommodation. In that case, I have a perfect solution for you. Storage of home renovations ( เก็บของ รีโนเวทบ้าน, which is a term in Thai) is really a hectic for everyone. I-StoreGo can be your ideal partner to help you move your stuff from one place to another without creating unnecessary hassle. Thus, you can manage your stuff without actually dealing with it.

The I-StoreGo offers a door-to-door service store solution for their customers facing difficulties moving their stuff. It is like a cold storage facility where you can store various products, from bedroom essentials to kitchen utilities, at a cost lower than if you are renting accommodation or an apartment.

What Are The Advantages Of Booking The I-Store Door-To-Door Facility?

The advantages of using the IGO moving service are as follows:

· Integrated Service Chain

The best part about booking an IGO moving service is that you will have to sign the terms and conditions paper, and the officials will take care of the rest of it. They will pack your items, move them along, and they will store them in a safe and secure place. The best part is that the staff will deliver your items at the contract period’s complication.

· Cost-Effective

Unlike renting an apartment or an accommodation for storing items, this option is quite cost-effective. It is indeed a great way of saving some money. You will not have to pay money for rent or instalments. A fixed amount will be set for you before signing the contract, and you will not have to spend a single penny.

· Effortless Movement

Dealing with your storage while relocating from one location to another takes a lot of work. Hence, a customer-friendly packing, moving, and storage facility saves much time and effort on your behalf. You can focus on other important things instead of relocating your products.


The i-StoreGo door-to-door storage facility is a new and highly helpful concept for people living alone or older people. Hence, it is no longer a headache to pack and move your stuff from one place to another. The customers who avail of this service can enjoy the convenience of moving assistance and relaxing instead of worrying about their stuff. Hence, if you plan to move next time, consider giving i-store door-to-door a fair chance.

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